ANNUAL REPORT 2004 (For the period ended March 2004)

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Profile PDF[105KB/2pages]
Financial Highlights PDF[96KB/1page]
Letter to Shareholders PDF[108KB/6pages]
At a Glance PDF[474KB/2pages]
Toyota Industries in Focus
Focus 1:Passion for Future Growth
-Medium-Term Management Vision-
Focus 2:Passion for Globalizing
-Materials Handling Equipment Segment-
Focus 3:Passion for Cutting-Edge Technologies
-Car Air-Conditioning Compressor Business-
Focus 4:Passion for Nurturing New Businesses PDF[140KB/3pages]
Focus 5:Research and Development PDF[86KB/2pages]
Focus 6:Corporate Governance PDF[70KB/2pages]
Focus 7:Harmonious Coexistence with
the Environment and Local Communities
Financial Section
Eleven-Year Summary PDF[40KB/2pages]
Management's Discussion and Analysis
of Financial Condition and Results of Operations
Consolidated Balance Sheets PDF[43KB/2pages]
Consolidated Statements of Income PDF[40KB/1page]
Consolidated Statements of Shareholders' Equity PDF[41KB/1page]
Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows PDF[43KB/1page]
Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements PDF[103KB/21page]
Report of Independent Accountants PDF[28KB/1page]
Toyota Industries Close-up PDF[718KB/9pages]
Major Developments in Toyota Industries' History PDF[207KB/2pages]
Corporate Organization PDF[35KB/1page]
Directors and Corporate Auditors PDF[58KB/1page]
Corporate Data PDF[46KB/2pages]
Investor Information PDF[64KB/1page]