Toyota Industries Group Sustainability Policy

Establish in March 2009
Revised in September 2021

We, Toyota Industries Corporation and our subsidiaries, contribute to the harmonious and sustainable development of society and the earth through all corporate activities that we carry out in each country and region based on the Toyoda Precepts (Corporate Creed) and our Basic Philosophy.
In order to contribute to sustainable development, we believe that management interacting with its stakeholders is of considerable importance, and we endeavor to build and maintain sound relationships with our stakeholders through open and fair communication.
We expect our business partners to support this policy and act in accordance with it.


  • We comply with local, national, and international laws, regulations and rules as well as the spirit thereof, and conduct our corporate activities with honesty and integrity. We also respect the culture and history of each country and region and maintain the highest ethical standards.
  • We do not violate any laws, including competition laws, anti-bribery laws, export control laws, intellectual property protection laws, and data protection laws covering personal information.

[Respect for Human Rights]

  • Based on international standards including the International Bill of Human Rights and the International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, we respect the human rights of all people.

[Risk Management]

  • We conduct thorough and organized risk management and prepare ourselves for threats to civil life and corporate activities, such as terrorism, cyber-attacks, natural disasters, pandemics and supply-chain risks.

[Role of Top Management]

  • Our management recognize that it is their role to realize the spirit of this policy, build effective governance systems for the conduct of business, and strive to raise awareness of the policy's spirit within the corporation and the entire corporate group.
    If a violation of this policy occurs, our management proactively take responsibility to respond to the situation, including resolving the problem, investigating the causes, and preventing the problem from recurring.

Relationship with Stakeholders


  • Based on our philosophy of “Customer First,” we develop and provide innovative, safe, and high-quality products and services that meet a wide variety of customers' demands to enrich the lives of people around the world.


  • We respect our employees and encourage personal growth for our employees under our belief that the success of our corporate activities is led by nurturing each individual's character and abilities, and realization of the corporate group's full potential.
  • We support equal employment opportunities and diversity for our employees and strive to enhance our team strength.
  • We strive to provide fair working conditions and to maintain a safe and healthy working environment for our employees.
  • Through communication and dialogue with our employees, we build and share the value of “Mutual Trust and Mutual-responsibility” and work together for the success of our employees and the corporation.

Business Partners

  • We respect our suppliers, dealers, and other business partners, and work with them through long-term relationships to realize mutual growth based on mutual trust.
  • Whenever we seek a new business partner, we are open to any and all candidates, regardless of nationality or size, and evaluate them based on their overall strengths.


  • We strive to enhance corporate value while achieving stable and long-term growth for the benefit of our shareholders.
  • We provide our shareholders and investors with timely and fair disclosure on our corporate information through open and constructive dialogue.

Global Society/Local Communities


  • We aim for growth that is in harmony with the environment by seeking to minimize the environmental impact of our corporate activities, such as by working to reduce the effect of our vehicles and operations on climate change and biodiversity. We strive to develop, establish, and promote technologies enabling the environment and economy to coexist harmoniously, and to build close and cooperative relationships with a wide spectrum of individuals and organizations involved in environmental preservation.


  • We operate our business so as to earn the trust of respective communities by honoring the cultures, customs, histories, and laws of each country.
  • We constantly search for safer, cleaner, and superior technologies that meet the evolving needs of society.

[Social Engagement and Contribution to Development]

  • Wherever we do business, we actively engage in community involvement activities and contribute to community development, both individually and with partners for mutual prosperity with local communities.

Akira Onishi

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