Message from the President

Aiming to Achieve Continued Growth by Striving to Ensure Safety and Compliance as well as Provide Products and Services That Contribute to the Development of Society

In line with the founding spirit stated in the Toyoda Precepts (Corporate Creed), Toyota Industries Group has been aiming to contribute to society by providing products and services that contribute to the realization of a better society, as defined in our 2030 vision, through making the earth a better place to live, enrich lifestyles, and promote a compassionate society, thereby achieving sustainable growth.

To achieve these goals, we have established CSR materiality, set specific goals and target values, and are working on various initiatives such as electrification, automation, and the creation of new values that contribute to the development of the global society and support the environment.

In March 2023, we confirmed regulatory violations related to Japan's emissions certification for lift truck engines, and we suspended the shipment of the lift trucks equipped with these engines for the Japanese market. We are currently working on measures on lift truck at customers' sites and activities to prevent recurrence. While fully addressing these issues, we continually emphasize and re-enforce every employee to understand the importance of safety, health and quality based on compliance, and continue to strive for contributions to the environment and society.

On the environmental front, we recognize climate change as one of the important challenges and are working towards achieving carbon neutrality by not only promoting energy-saving activities but also utilizing renewable energy and developing new technologies that contribute to decarbonization. In addition, we plan to further expand our efforts in biodiversity conservation.

Looking at social responsibility, we will strive to enhance the initiatives in whole Toyota Industries Group such as promotion diversity and inclusion and respect human rights not only in all our corporate activities including the supply chain. Furthermore, by strengthening dialogue with our stakeholders, we will further promote these activities.

We are committed to making efforts to achieve sustainable growth in harmony with society, keeping in mind the happiness of all stakeholders involved in our businesses, not to mention the protection of the global environment. We will strive to remain a necessary presence in society and continue to make progress.

Koichi Ito