Car Electronics

Developing Hybrid Vehicle-Related Power Electronics Products in an Effort to Further Expand the Scope of Its Business

Toyota Industries' car electronics business is engaged in the development and manufacture of automobile-related electronic components and devices such as DC-DC converters for hybrid vehicles and vehicle-mounted DC-AC inverters that allow the use of household appliances within the vehicle. We are maximizing our power electronics development capabilities cultivated through our experience with circuit technology and electric drive systems.
In 2015, Toyota Industries developed the rear inverter that supplies power to the rear motor, which drives the rear wheels of 4-wheel drive (4WD) electric vehicles. The new TOYOTA Prius offers a 4WD model for the first time in the series and it is fitted with our rear inverter for 4WD use.
Also, as part of our efforts towards achieving a low-carbon society we have been developing products for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles, which can be charged using a household power supply, in addition to promoting the building of charging systems including the infrastructure.