Spinning Machinery

Toyota Industries has developed a rich lineup of spinning machinery to meet the varied needs of our customers, including high-speed ring spinning frames and roving frames. We are working to combine the pursuit of great spinning performance to produce high-quality yarn, with reduced energy consumption into our product development.

High-Speed Ring Spinning Frame


[Main specifications]

Maximum spindle speed 25,000rpm
1,824 spindles 1,824 spindles
Spindle gauge 70mm 75mm
Bobbin length (lift) 180(155)mm 210(185)mm 230(205)mm
Spindle driving system 4 spindles by spindle tape
Pneumatic suction cleaning system single nozzle

High-Speed Roving Frame


The state-of-the-art FL200 was born out of Toyota’s unrelenting pursuit of the ideal roving frame, one that enables anyone to produce high-quality roving at high speeds, the aim of the FL100. The independent three-motor drive established in the FL100 has evolved and developed into a four-motor drive, and the latest in servo technology and dramatically improved CPU performance provides even greater accuracy and control. The FL200 demonstrates outstanding performance in every aspect of productivity and roving quality as a result of synergy with its high-performance tension controller. Plus, an interactive color function panel with easy-to-read icon display enables automatic setting of optimal conditions with simple, easy operation.

[Main specifications]

Maximum Number of spindles 192 (440mm staff)/ 200 (520mm staff)
Lift 406mm
Full-bobbin diameter 152mm
Draft system 4-line, D-type, double apron