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Proposals and Offers from Customers

Toyota Industries has a policy not to accept, from third parties, any proposal and/or offer for our products and/or services, including, without limitation, ideas for new or improved products, technologies, designs, processes, software, promotions, advertisements and marketing plans in order to avoid any possible future confusion between such a proposal and/or offer from third parties and our own. You are therefore requested not to send any information which may contain your ideas, artwork, inventions, developments, suggestions or other works ("Idea").
Despite the foregoing request, if you send your Idea to our attention, then such Idea will be treated upon the understanding that you agreed to the following terms:

1. Toyota Industries has no obligation to treat the Idea as confidential information.

2. Toyota Industries has no obligation to study, evaluate or adopt the Idea.

3. Even if Toyota Industries happens to adopt any idea identical or similar in whole or in part to the Idea, Toyota Industries has no responsibility and shall not be liable for any compensation therefor.


While Toyota Industries makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that all materials on this Website are correct, Toyota Industries does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy, usefulness, and completeness of the contents of this Website, or whether or not the information fits the purpose of visitor or is safe (no functional interruptions, no occurrence of errors, correction of defects, existence of viruses and other harmful programs in this Website, etc.) in any way. Furthermore, Toyota Industries shall not be responsible for the fact that you use or do not use the information contained on this Website and any damages arising from that use. The information on this Website is subject to change by Toyota Industries without prior notice. In addition, Toyota Industries may suspend or discontinue operation of this Website as necessary. Toyota Industries shall not be responsible in any way for any damages arising from the suspension or discontinuation of this Website.


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