The 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015

For Hybrid Vehicle / Plugin Hyblid Vehicle / Electric Vehicle For FCV(Fuel Cell Vehicle)

Rear Inverter for Toyota new Prius

Used for Prius' first 4WD model, the Rear Inverter plays an important role by supplying power to the rear motor, which drives the rear wheels.

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AC Inverter for Toyota new Prius

The AC Inverter converts DC voltage from the battery to AC voltage for household use, and enables various household appliances to be used inside the vehicle.

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DC-DC Converter for Toyota new Prius

The DC-DC Converter converts the high voltage of the HV battery to 14V, and supplies power to lights, wipers, and other on-board equipment.

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Multi-Car Charging Stands for PHVs and EVs (reference exhibit)

We propose optional systems in cases where multi-car charging stands are installed in parking facilities. The charging stands can charge PHVs and EVs made by various automakers.

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On-Board Charger

Converts household AC voltage into DC voltage to charge the high-voltage batteries of PHVs and EVs. This converter can be used anywhere in the world.

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