TICO Privacy Policy for GDPR

Toyota Industries Corporation ("Toyota Industries", "we") considers proper handling of privacy and personal information ("Personal data") that Toyota Industries collects from any individual, such as our customer, supplier and employee etc. as an essential duty to society.
Toyota Industries' basic policy regarding the processing of Personal data of the residents in European Economic Area ("EEA"), which EU General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) ("GDPR") is applied, is explained here ("TICO Privacy Policy for GDPR").

1. Type of Personal data we may process;

We may collect and process following Personal data;
Name, Company name, Job title, Telephone number, E-mail address, Addresses of residence or office address, Date of birth, Gender, Cookie, IP address etc.

2. What are Personal data used for

We always process Personal data based upon legal ground, such as consent by data subject, performance of contract, compliance of legal obligation and legitimate interest etc.
Based upon such legal ground, we process Personal data for the purpose of

  1. Sending responses to inquiries or requests from customer or other relevant individual;
  2. Sending documents requested by customer or other relevant individual;
  3. Plan, research, development, quality improvement, procurement, sales, marketing and after-sales service for our products and sending information about these to customer or other relevant individual;
  4. Employment and personnel management;
  5. To comply with any provisions in any applicable laws and regulations, or follow any government notifications, guidelines, etc.; and
  6. For any other objectives identified when obtaining the relevant Personal data.

3. Disclosing or sharing Personal data with third parties

  1. We may share and disclose Personal data to third parties, including, but not limited to Toyota Industries group companies, subject to compliance of GDPR and other relevant laws and limitation for the purpose above mentioned.
  2. Disclosing or sharing Personal data with third parties mentioned above may include transfer from EEA to Non-EEA in accordance with following conditions;
    1. transfer to Non-EEA country where the European Commission confirms an adequate level of protection for Personal data;
    2. transfer of Personal data to third party located in Non-EEA country with a data transfer agreement, which includes standard contractual clause designated by the European Commission

4. Retention period

We will retain Personal data for as long as required for the purposes above mentioned or in so far as such is necessary for compliance with statutory obligations.
In order to decide the specific retention period of each Personal data, we will consider all relevant factors, such as the amount, nature (including sensitivity), purpose of processing and other alternative to achieve such purpose.

5. Legal right of data subject

Under GDPR, data subject may have the following rights regarding own Personal data;

  1. to access own Personal data;
    data subject has a right to access own Personal data we hold and process
  2. to correct own Personal data;
    data subject has a right to have us correct incomplete or inaccurate own Personal data we hold and process
  3. to delete own Personal data;
    data subject has a right to have us delete own Personal data we hold and process
  4. to restrict or object processing;
    data subject has a right to restrict or object our processing of own Personal data
  5. to withdraw consent;
    data subject has a right to withdraw its consent at any time given to us for processing own Personal data
  6. to transfer own Personal data (data portability);
    data subject has a right to have own Personal data transfer to other person or third party.

In addition, data subject has a right to lodge a complaint to relevant data protection authority if any cause for complaint about our processing of your Personal data.

6. Updating of the Privacy Policy

We may update this "TICO Privacy Policy for GDPR" from time to time.
Latest version of "TICO Privacy Policy for GDPR" are on our website.

7. Contact detail

If you have any question about this policy or if you wish to check Personal data which we process, please contact the contact details given by us when you provided your personal information.
If you do not know who to contact, please contact Legal department via our inquiry form.