Notice Concerning Sale of Part of Shares in AISIN CORPORATION Held by Toyota Industries

News Release IR


Toyota Industries Corporation ("Toyota Industries") announces today that it has decided to participate, as one of the sellers, in the sale of common stock of AISIN CORPORATION (President: Moritaka Yoshida) implemented by that company (the "Secondary Distribution"), and will sell part of its shares in AISIN CORPORATION (the "Sale of Shares"). For details of the Secondary Distribution, please refer to "Notice Concerning Sale of Shares" published today by AISIN CORPORATION.

Toyota Industries recognizes that improvement of profitability, capital efficiency, and asset efficiency is one of the important management issues in aiming at sustainable business growth and increased corporate value over the mid- to long-term, and has sought to continuously strengthen corporate governance, taking into consideration the expectations of stock markets as well. With regard to cross-shareholdings, it promotes reduction and allocates funds appropriately to proactive investments for growth, investments to strengthen management and business foundations, and shareholder returns. Meanwhile, the Sale of Shares will contribute to improving asset efficiency, while the acquired funds will be invested in growth areas such as the mobility field, mainly in automobiles, and the solutions field, including logistics solutions.

1. Shares to be sold
Shares of AISIN CORPORATION(12,964,900 shares)
2. Reason for sale
Efficient management of asset holdings
3. Future prospects
Toyota Industries' selling price to underwriters related to the Secondary Distribution will be determined on any day during the period from July 8, 2024 to July 10, 2024.
Toyota Industries will continue to maintain a business relationship with AISIN CORPORATION after completing the Sale of Shares.