Notice Concerning the Determination of Matters Relating to the Repurchase of Shares of Common Stock

(Repurchase of Shares under Articles of Incorporation pursuant to Article 165, Paragraph 2 of the Companies Act)

News Release IR


Toyota Industries Corporation announced that a resolution was adopted at a meeting of the Board of Directors held today to repurchase shares of its common stock pursuant to Article 156 of the Companies Act as applied pursuant to Article 165, Paragraph 3 of said Act as follows.

1. Purpose of the Stock Repurchase

The purpose of the Stock Repurchase is to improve capital efficiency, to return profits to shareholders, and to enable flexible and agile implementation of capital policies in response to changes in the business environment.

2. Contents of repurchase

(1) Type of shares to be purchased: Common stock
(2) Total number of shares to be purchased: Up to 10 million shares (3.22% of total number of issued shares (excluding treasury stock))
(3) Total cost of the purchase: Up to 180 billion yen
(4) Repurchase period: From May 13, 2024 to May 12, 2025
Note: Some or all of the repurchase may not take place depending on market trends.

Reference: Number of treasury shares as of March 31, 2024:
Total number of issued shares (excluding treasury stock): 310,477,035 shares
Number of treasury shares: 15,363,605 shares