Notice Concerning Non-consolidated result

News Release IR

Toyota Industries Corporation announces the Non-consolidated result of FY2022 as follows since it has a remarkable difference compared to those of FY 2021.

1. Difference between FY2022 and FY2021 non-consolidated result

million yen
Net salesOperating
Net income
per share
FY2021 (A) 1,563,591 21,456 98,123 82,801 266.68 yen
FY2022 (B) 962,029 45,696 131,662 107,173 345.19 yen
Amount changed (B-A) (601,562) 24,240 33,539 24,372 -
% of change (38.5%) 113.0% 34.2% 29.4% -

2. Reason for the difference

Unit sales increased in the Automobile and Materials Handling Equipment segments over the previous fiscal year. Overall sales decreased, however, due to the effect of the Accounting Standard for Revenue Recognition adopted from FY2022.
Profits increased over the previous fiscal year due mainly to an increase in non-operating income arising from higher dividends income in addition to a growth in unit sales.