Notice Concerning Non-consolidated result

News Release IR

Toyota Industries Corporation announces the Non-consolidated result of FY2020 as follows since it has a remarkable difference compared to those of FY 2019.

1. Difference between FY2020 and FY2019 non-consolidated result

million yen
Net sales Operating
Net income
per share
FY2019 (A) 1,358,871 31,197 105,422 89,875 289.47 yen
FY2020 (B) 1,541,801 35,170 117,982 97,074 312.66 yen
Difference (B-A) 182,930 3,973 12,560 7,199 -
Rate (%) 13.5% 12.7% 11.9% 8.0% -

2. Reason for the difference

Net sales increased in the Automobile segment compared to previous fiscal year.
On top of the increase of Net sales, the increase of non-operating income due to the increase of dividends income contributed to the increase of overall income.