First FC Forklift Demonstration Conducted Overseas

Vehicle with FC system manufactured by Toyota Industries Corporation introduced at Toyota Motor Corporation Australia

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Toyota Industries Corporation (President: Akira Onishi, "Toyota industries") announced that it will conduct a proving test for two FC*1 forklifts jointly with Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Ltd. (President: Matthew Callachor, "TMCA "), the Australian sales operation of Toyota Motor Corporation ("TMC"), at TMCA's auto parts warehouse located in Melbourne, starting by the end of 2018.

Toyota Industries FC forklifts are powered with the same FC cells used in Mirai, TMC's FCEV *2, and are equipped with an FC system designed exclusively for forklifts featuring high power generation efficiency. Since the first production model sales began in Japan in November 2016, its outstanding convenience, including fuel charging in only roughly three minutes, together with its outstanding environmental performance, has led to the use of some 100 units already in production plants and airports in Japan.
This will be the first proving test overseas for the forklift equipped with Toyota Industries FC system. The FC forklift's maintenance and operation will be monitored via our sales subsidiary in Australia, Toyota Material Handling Australia, to investigate operation methods and business potential and prepare for wider sales and use in other countries.

In Australia, the development of technologies pertaining to production, transport and storage of hydrogen has advanced rapidly in recent years, making use of its abundant natural resources, and setting the stage for them to potentially become one of the world's largest hydrogen suppliers and exporter *3.

TMCA introduced the FCEV Mirai in 2016 on a trial basis, to build awareness and advocacy of hydrogen fuel cell technology in Australia. The FC forklift was introduced at the opening ceremony for TMCA's new parts warehouse, which was held on November 19 in Sydney. TMCA President Matthew Callachor declared, "Our commitment, as a mobility company, is to address the environmental challenges that we face, and to contribute to an ever-better society," and he expressed great expectations for the part that the FC forklift is expected to play.

Going forward, Toyota Industries plans to promote wider sales and use of FC forklifts as the top manufacturer of industrial vehicles and to contribute to the development of a global hydrogen-based society.

*1 FC: Abbreviation for fuel cell. *2 FCEV: Abbreviation for fuel-cell electric vehicle .*3 According to a report done for the Australian Renewable Energy Agency by consultants ACIL Allen (

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