Toyota Industries Donates to Local Governments on the 90th Anniversary of its Establishment

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On November 18, Toyota Industries Corporation (President: Akira Onishi, Toyota Industries) will celebrate the 90th anniversary of its establishment. The company was established in 1926 as Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Ltd. to manufacture and sell non-stop shuttle-change Toyoda automatic looms invented by the founder Sakichi Toyoda. In the ensuing years, Toyota Industries has expanded its business from its original textile machinery business to automobiles, materials handling equipment and electronic parts and has grown to become a corporate group with approximately 51,000 employees and consolidated net sales of more than 2,200 billion yen in the fiscal year ended March 2016. Toyota Industries wishes to express its gratitude to its customers as well as suppliers and business partners for their precious support, which has enabled the company to continually undertake its business over long years.

On the occasion of our 90th anniversary, as a measure of our heartfelt gratitude to members of the community for their support, Toyota Industries will make donations to the local governments of six cities and one town where our production bases are located, such as Kariya City in Aichi Prefecture. On November 11, 2016, Toyota Industries presented a list of items to be donated, including two grand pianos, to the Kariya City Government.

Guided by the philosophy of “contribute to society and the world through monozukuri (manufacturing),” Toyota Industries will continue to contribute to a comfortable society by providing value-added products that help people throughout the world realize healthy, enjoyable and enriched lives. The Toyota Industries Group will also continue to make concerted efforts and take on challenges as a company that is always trusted by all people and achieves sustainable growth.