Equipment for the new Toyota Prius
Newly developed electric compressor, DC-DC converter, rear inverter for 4WD, and AC inverter

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Electric compressor: air-conditioning function improved by 30%
DC-DC converter: world's first newly developed high-dissipation thick copper
substrate that reduces the volume and weight by half
Rear inverter for 4WD: Adoption of a forced air-cooling system
AC inverter: volume is reduced by 30%

Toyota Industries Corporation (President: Akira Onishi, Toyota Industries) has developed an electric compressor, DC-DC converter, rear inverter, and AC inverter for hybrid vehicle use. These products will be installed in the new Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) Prius.

The electric compressor, DC-DC converter, and AC inverter developed this time are all smaller and lighter weight than products for the current Prius models. In addition, the rear inverter to be installed in Prius' first 4WD model uses a forced air-cooling system.
Through technological innovations in environmental and energy fields, Toyota Industries is enhancing initiatives for achieving a society with a reduced environmental impact, and this will contribute to creating ever-better Toyota cars that will make customers happy.
Following are features of the developed products.

1.Car Air-Conditioning Electric Compressor ESB20

Electric Compressor ESB20

The central part of the car air-conditioning that maintains the optimal temperature in the vehicle cabin is the compressor. The electric compressor operates using an internal motor even when the vehicle's engine is stopped.
The ESB20 uses a newly developed motor and it has improved compression structure, and compared to the ES14 installed on the current Prius models, it achieves a reduction in size and weight, the air-conditioning function is improved by 30%, and electricity consumption is reduced by 8%.

2.DC-DC Converter

DC-DC Converter

The DC-DC converter is a component that converts the high voltage of the hybrid vehicle's battery to the low voltage, and supplies power to the ECU (electronic control unit), lights, wipers, and other on-board equipment.
The thick copper substrate with excellent heat dissipation capability is the world's first development*, and by revising how parts are integrated, volume is reduced by 50% and weight is reduced by 60% compared to the converter for the current Prius models, achieving a smaller size and lighter weight.
*According to our own research in October 2015

3.Rear Inverter

Rear Inverter

This product converts DC voltage from the hybrid vehicle's battery to AC voltage, and supplies power to the rear motor for 4WD use.
Adoption of a forced air-cooling system eliminates the trouble of having to arrange water-cooled piping, and dramatically increases freedom of where the rear inverter can be placed in the vehicle. Furthermore, by installing it in the luggage room, cabin quietness is improved.

4.1500W AC Inverter

AC Inverter

This product converts DC voltage from the hybrid vehicle's battery to AC voltage for household use.
Household appliances* can be used by connecting to an outlet in the vehicle cabin. It is attracting attention as a power supply for emergency use.
By improving the case structure, and significantly revising the layout of the cooling fan and electronic parts, volume is reduced by 30%, and installation capability is improved.
*Depending on the specification of household appliances, they may not operate normally.