This Website includes forward-looking statements based on expectations, assumptions and anticipation with respect to plans, outlook, strategies and performance of Toyota Industries Corporation and its Group companies. These statements are based on beliefs and the judgment of Toyota Industries' management in light of the information available to it at the time of creation and upload of the documents. These forward-looking statements are subject to revision and update without prior notice. Please note that Toyota Industries Corporation and its Group companies disclaim any obligation to notify such changes made to the information on this Website. Therefore, you should not place undue reliance on the statements to make investment decisions. You should be aware that the actual performance of the companies may be affected by risks and uncertainties and consequently the performance may become different from the forward-looking statements made on this Website. The risks and uncertainties include but are not limited to:

  1. Domestic and overseas economic conditions, particularly levels of consumer spending, demand for our products, and private sector capital expenditure
  2. Adverse changes in laws and regulations, such as trade restrictions and tariffs, or stricter safety or emissions regulations, resulting in higher costs and/or sales restrictions
  3. Currency exchange rate fluctuations, notably involving the Yen, U.S. Dollar, Asian currencies and the Euro; the currencies in which Toyota Industries Corporation and its Group companies have holdings and use to conduct their international business
  4. Fluctuations in the market prices of securities in which Toyota Industries Corporation and its Group companies have substantial holdings
  5. The ability of Toyota Industries Corporation and its Group companies to maintain their strength in many product development and geographical areas, through such means as new product development and launches in highly competitive markets characterized by continual new product introductions, rapid technological advances, and fluctuations in demand
  6. Effects of natural disasters, terrorist activities, or war
  7. Other factors such as greater price competition in Asia, North America, and Europe resulting from industry overcapacity or other factors; higher fuel prices; labor or other constraints on the ability of Toyota Industries Corporation and its Group companies to restructure their business; work stoppages at their key supplier facilities; and the discovery of defects in their products resulting in delays in new product launches, recall campaigns, increased warranty costs, or litigation.

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