Local Communities

With a view toward creating an enriched and healthy society and ensuring its sustainable growth, we fulfill our role as a good corporate citizen and actively undertake social contribution activities in every region where we do business.

Social Engagement and Participation in Development

In accordance with our sustainability policies, We contributes broadly to society through all business activities in each country and region where we conduct business and seeks to achieve a sustainable society and development of local communities with emphasis on social welfare, youth development, environmental protection and community contribution. We cooperate with and support local communities by providing personnel, facilities, funds, and know-how and take measures that facilitate employee participation in social contribution activities in various stages by conducting various programs and providing volunteer information.

Social Contribution Activity Implementation Structure

We established the Social Contribution Group within the General Administration Department. This group collaborates with plants and domestic and overseas Group companies and conducts social contribution activities tailored to the characteristics and needs of each region. We established a volunteer support center called "Heartful" , which has been used as a base for our social contribution activities, such as collaborating with NPOs and holding meetings with local residents.

Major Social Contribution Activities of Toyota Industries and Group Companies

Soocial Welfare

We want to help create a society where everyone can live comfortably.

Events for people with disabilities Harvesting potatoes

Donation of products to the Red Cross (Toyota Material Handling Espana S.A. / Spain)

Conclusion of the Centrum Paraple* Partnership (Toyota Material Handling CZ s.r.o. / Czech Republic)

* A non-profit organization established in 1994. Provides support to individuals who are paralyzed as a result of spinal cord injury caused by injury or illness and their families to overcome difficult life situations and with advanced specialized care and so on.

Youth Development

Toyota Industries wants the children who will be the leaders of future generations to develop rich hearts.

Monozukuri workshop

Supporting the "Dream Car Contest"

Mini Concerts at Elementary Schools

Rugby lesson at Elementary Schools

Environmental Protection

Aiming for a future where people and nature coexist.

Environmental education for elementary school students

Benches made from wood from thinned trees donated to nursery schools

Tree-Planting (Toyota Industries Management China Co., Ltd. / China)

World Cleanup Day activities (Toyota Material Handling Manufacturing Sweden AB / Sweden)

Community Contribution

Coexistence with Local Communities

Local community meeting

Toyota Industries has concluded disaster prevention agreements with cities and towns where plants are located

Volunteer activities are tailored to local needs (Worldwide)