Toyota Industries develops and manufactures turbochargers for internal-combustion engines (ICEs) for both automobile and industrial applications. Our well-designed turbochargers achieve higher performance and lower carbon emissions to contribute to realizing a sustainable society.

For Automobile Diesel engines

Two-way twin turbocharging system for F33A Diesel Engine (3.3 liters / with variable geometry each)

Variable Geometry Turbocharger for GD Diesel Engine (High-output model / 2.8 liters)

Variable Geometry Turbocharger for GD Diesel Engine (2.4 or 2.8 liters)

For Automobile Gasoline Engines

Waste gate Turbocharger for T24A Gasoline Engine (2.4 liters)

Waste gate Turbocharger for AR Gasoline Engine (2.0 liters)

For Industrial Diesel Engines

TIA Variable Geometry Turbocharger (1.5 to 4.0 liters)

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