Engines for Automobiles

Toyota Industries manufactures diesel and gasoline engines with displacement of 2,000 cc to 4,500 cc. Vehicles such as the IMV (Innovative International Multi-purpose Vehicle) series, Land Cruisers and the RAV4 are equipped with our engines. In 2021, the Land Cruiser had its first complete redesign in 14 years. Equipped with a V6 twin-turbo diesel engine developed mainly by Toyota Industries, the new Land Cruiser also led to the revival of the diesel version of the model in Japan.

ApplicationFuel TypeEngine CodeMajor SpecificationMax Output kW/rpm kW/rpmMax Torque Nm/rpm Nm/rpmRepresentative Models
FeatureDisplacement(cc)Combustion Chamber
AutomobileDiesel 1VD-FTV V8DOHC 4,461 Direct injection 151/3,400 430/1200~3200 Land Cruiser 70
1HZ L6OHC 4,163 Swirl chamber 96/3,800 285/2,200 Land Cruiser 70, Coaster
F33A-FTV V6DOHC 3,346 Direct injection 227/4,000 700/1,600~2,600 Land Cruiser 300
1KD-FTV L4DOHC 2,982 Direct injection 126/3600 343/1400~3400 Hiace
1GD-FTV L4DOHC 2,754 Direct injection 150/3,400 500/1600~2800 Land Cruiser Prado, Hiace
2KD-FTV L4DOHC 2,494 Direct injection 106/3,400 343/1600~2800 Hiace
2GD-FTV L4DOHC 2,393 Direct injection 110/3,400 400/1600~2000 Hilux (IMV)
Gasoline A25A-FKS L4DOHC 2,487 Direct injection 151/6,600 250/4,800 RAV4
M20A-FKS L4DOHC 1,986 Direct injection 126/6,600 207/4,800 RAV4, Corolla Hatchback