DC-DC Converters

DC-DC Converter for the Prius

The DC-DC converter for the Prius converts the 201V high voltage from the battery to the 12V required for the auxiliary equipment. The development of a new, high heat-dissipation thick copper substrate has resulted in a smaller, more lightweight DC-DC converter. Toyota Industries’ DC-DC converters have been installed in successive generations of the TOYOTA Prius.

DC-DC Converter for Electric Power Steering

For the Lexus RX450h

The DC-DC Converter for the Lexus RX450h converts the 288V high voltage from the battery to the 42V required for the electrical power steering. Through effective placement of the filter, radio noise has been suppressed and high efficiency has been achieved.

DC-DC Converter for Start/Stop System

When the engine restarts, the voltage supplied from the auxiliary battery momentarily drops. The DC-DC converter for start/stop system supplies stable voltage in order to protect on-board equipment such as the audio system, navigation system, and meters against this voltage drop.

Equipment Configuration Diagram