Relationship with Our Local Communities

With a view toward creating an enriched and healthy society and ensuring its sustainable growth, Toyota Industries fulfills its role as a good corporate citizen and actively undertake social contribution activities in every region where it does business.

Activities as a Good Corporate Citizen

Based on “Respect for Others” as described in our Basic Philosophy, we strive to fulfill our role as a good corporate citizen in every region where we do business and actively engage in social contribution activities to realize an enriched and healthy society. In our activities that emphasize social welfare, youth development, environmental protection and community contribution, we not only provide cooperation and support through personnel, facilities, funds and knowhow but also strive to closely connect with participants. To foster employees’ awareness of their ties to society and raise their interest in contributing to society, we make enlightenment efforts such as providing a venue for volunteer activities and sharing information on volunteer activities that encourage the participation of all employees. Employee associations* are actively undertaking various activities to contribute to local communities, mainly in the areas of supporting welfare facilities and protecting the natural environment.
* Voluntary organizations formed by employees at each job level

Structure for Promoting Social Contribution Activities

The CSR Committee deliberates on policies of our social contribution activities while the Social Contribution Group within the General Administration Department at the Head Office takes the initiative in carrying out activities.

Major Social Contribution Activities of Toyota Industries and Group Companies

Social welfare

Events to interact with persons with disabilities
· “Walk Rally (orienteering),” harvest festival, festival
Support for welfare facilities
· Support for charity bazaars at facilities by providing goods
· Volunteer work for facility cleanup/repair/pruning/weeding
· Support for sales of products from facilities for persons with disabilities by providing opportunities to set up stalls
· Volunteer listening activities at elderly care facilities
Donation to a breast cancer enlightenment NPO through a charity running event (Belgium)
Support for feeding the homeless and needy (Australia)
Donating Christmas presents for less fortunate children (U.S.A.)

Youth development

Support for Youth Invention Clubs
· Monozukuri workshops for elementary school children during summer vacations
· Holding handmade kite-flying competitions
· Running craft corners at local events
Providing plant-hosted environmental education to elementary school children
Holding mini concerts at elementary schools
Donation to an organization supporting sound youth development (U.S.A.)

Environmental protection

Initiatives for forest conservation
· Tree thinning activities for conservation of prefecture-owned forests
· Producing and donating benches made of thinned wood
· Tree-planting activities for reforestation
Cooperating in a government-led environmental program (Indonesia)

Community contribution

Participation in local traditional events (Mando Festival)
Road cleanup activities in areas around plants
Activities to raise awareness for traffic safety
Crime prevention patrols
Holding a drill on how to use fire extinguishers at an elementary school
Highway cleanup activities (U.S.A.)
Donating toilets and desks to elementary schools and conducting health and hygiene education (India)


Holding charity concert
Support for international NGO in collecting spoiled postcards, bell marks and others
Periodic blood donation drives

(Activities without country designation were conducted in Japan.)

Activity Examples of Toyota Industries and Consolidated Subsidiary (Japan)

Donating Benches Made of Thinned Wood

Skit by employees participating in a donation ceremony

In collaboration with Aste, a public interest foundation engaging in forest conservation, Toyota Industries donated 12 benches made of thinned Japanese cypress to kindergartens and children’s day care centers. This initiative aims to promote the sound development of forests and effectively utilize thinned wood. At a donation ceremony held at a kindergarten, we performed a skit to explain what is happening to satoyama (village forests) in an easy-to-understand manner and convey the importance of conserving forests to children.

Holding a Drill on How to Use Fire Extinguishers at an Elementary School

Drill for children to practice using a fire extinguisher

SKM Corporation, engaging in building management, security services for facilities and management and brokerage of real estates, conducted a drill on how to use fire extinguishers for about 90 fourth graders at a nearby elementary school, utilizing the skills accumulated through
routine training by its security department. On the day of the drill, after a lecture on fires and a Q&A session, each child actually shot off a fire extinguisher. We will continue to contribute to local communities through these and similar activities.

Activity Examples of Consolidated Subsidiaries (Outside Japan)

Donation to a Breast Cancer Enlightenment NPO through a Charity Running Event

Employees who participated in the charity running event

From TMHBE, 18 employees participated in a charity running event to support the Susan G. Komen® organization, an NPO fighting against breast cancer. The event solicits donations from runners according to the distance they run, and the company donated the matching amount to the NPO. The funds raised through the event are used to support efforts to increase the breast cancer
examination rate, help patients find a job and promote therapeutic research.

Cooperating in a Government-Led Environmental Program

Employees who cooperated in the environmental program
TACI cooperated in the Adiwiyata Program, an environmental program for the sustainable growth of society run by the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Education of Indonesia. The program encourages respective schools to address environmental issues and convey to children the importance of environmental conservation. At a school in Cikarang, 20 TACI employees supported the development of a system to produce a fertilizer from organic waste.

Donation to an Organization Supporting Sound Youth Development

Employees who participated in the donation drive
In September 2016, TACG employees collected snacks and beverages and raised donation funds for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. The organization offers a variety of support programs for economically or socially challenged youth having difficulty leading a stable life to help them achieve sound growth.

Donating Toilets and Desks to Elementary Schools and Conducting Health and Hygiene Education

Employees who participated in awareness education

TIEI constructed girls’ restrooms at an elementary school in the Krishna district, which is located near its plant and had been in need of more girls’ restrooms. TIEI also donated desks and chairs to and conducted health and hygiene awareness education at other elementary schools. Along with these efforts, TIEI conducted a variety of community contribution activities, including planting trees for beautification of areas surrounding its plant.