Relationship with Our Shareholders and Investors

We aim to obtain an appropriate company valuation in stock markets through timely, appropriate and fair information disclosure while promoting good communications with shareholders and investors.

Basic Perspective

Toyota Industries continually carries out timely, appropriate and fair information disclosure for shareholders and investors. In this way, we raise management transparency so that we obtain an appropriate company valuation in stock markets. We proactively provide not only information required under disclosure laws and regulations but also information on our management policy and business activities. Also, we engage in various investor relations activities to facilitate productive dialogue with shareholders and investors.

General Shareholders’ Meeting

We hold our annual general shareholders’ meeting early to avoid the date on which many companies hold their respective shareholders’ meetings so that more shareholders can attend. We are further facilitating the exercise of voting rights of our shareholders by allowing them to exercise such rights via the Internet and by joining the electronic voting platform for institutional investors.

We held our 141st General Shareholders’ Meeting on June 11, 2019, in which 483 shareholders participated. Following the general shareholders’ meeting, we invited our shareholders for a tour of a plant that manufactures our mainstay lift trucks and a tour of the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology established as a joint project of the Toyota Group to foster a better understanding of our business activities.

Investor Relations Activities

At the financial results briefing, we mainly explained our newly formulated Vision 2030 and our recent focus on the Logistics Solutions Business and electrification efforts. In addition to accepting individual interviews with analysts and others, we hosted an information session for our electric compressor business. The session included a tour of a plant as an opportunity to promote a deeper understanding of our strengths in the development and production fields.

Information session for our electric compressor business (December 2019)

As for institutional investors outside Japan, we visit major investors to explain our management policies and growth strategies. We also participate in conferences hosted in Japan by securities companies and hold individual meetings. Our Website provides our corporate history, overviews of each business as well as product information and initiatives to develop technologies for the future mainly for individual investors.

Opinions and requests we collect through various means of communications with shareholders and investors are fed back to executives and relevant business divisions via the Board of Directors and various committees to reflect them in our future business activities.

Major Investor Relations Activities

For institutional investors and securities analysts in Japan
  • Quarterly financial results briefings
  • Individual interviews/visits
  • Small meetings
  • Teleconferencing
  • Business information sessions
  • Facility tours
  • Issuing/delivering Toyota Industries Reports
For institutional investors outside Japan
  • Individual interviews/visits
  • Teleconferencing
  • Participation in conferences hosted by securities companies
  • Issuing/delivering Toyota Industries Reports
For individual shareholders and investors
  • Company-hosted plant tours
  • Issuing/delivering notice of general shareholders’ meeting
  • Issuing/delivering business reports

Returning Profits to Shareholders

Toyota Industries regards ensuring shareholder benefits as one of the most important management policies.

Accordingly, we strive to continue paying dividends at the consolidated dividend payout ratio of roughly 30% and meet the expectations of shareholders upon comprehensively taking into consideration such factors as business results and demand for funds.

For fiscal 2020, Toyota Industries increased annual cash dividends by ¥5.0 over the previous fiscal year and paid annual cash dividends per share of ¥160.0 (interim cash dividend per share of ¥80.0 and year-end cash dividend per share of ¥80.0). Given the slowing economy due to the spread of COVID-19, we made sure to pay the year-end cash dividend during May 2020 on the basis of the resolution of the Board of Directors instead of basing our decision on the resolution of the General Shareholders’ Meetings as we usually do.