Relationship with Our Local Communities

With a view toward creating an enriched and healthy society and ensuring its sustainable growth, we fulfill our role as a good corporate citizen and actively undertake social contribution activities in every region where we do business.

Activities as a Good Corporate Citizen

Based on “Respect for Others” as described in our Basic Philosophy, we strive to fulfill our role as a good corporate citizen in every region where we do business and actively engage in social contribution activities to realize an enriched and healthy society. In our activities that emphasize social welfare, youth development, environmental protection and community contribution, we not only provide cooperation and support through personnel, facilities, funds and know-how but also strive to closely connect with participants. To foster employees’ awareness of their ties to society and raise their interest in contributing to society, we make enlightenment efforts such as sharing information on volunteer activities and providing venues for volunteer activities that encourage the participation of all employees. Employee associations*are actively undertaking various activities to contribute to local communities, mainly in the areas of supporting welfare facilities and protecting the natural environment.
*: Voluntary organizations formed by employees at each job level

Structure for Promoting Social Contribution Activities

The CSR Committee deliberates on policies of our social contribution activities while the Social Contribution Group within the General Administration Department at the Head Office takes the initiative in carrying out activities.

Major Social Contribution Activities of Toyota Industries and Group Companies

Social welfare

Events to interact with persons with disabilities
· “Walk Rally (orienteering),” harvest festival, festival
Support for welfare facilities
· Support for charity bazaars at facilities by providing goods
· Volunteer work for facility cleanup/repair/pruning/weeding
· Support for sales of products from facilities for persons with disabilities by providing opportunities to set up stalls
· Volunteer listening activities at elderly care facilities
Cooperating in a Soccer Class for Children with Autism or Down Syndrome (China)

Youth development

Support for Youth Invention Clubs
· Monozukuri workshops for elementary school children during summer vacations
· Holding handmade kite-flying competitions
·Running craft corners at local events
Providing plant-hosted environmental education to elementary school children
Providing monozukuri lessons at school
Holding Mini Concerts at Elementary Schools
Helping to Distribute School Supplies to Children (U.S.A.)

Environmental protection

Initiatives for forest conservation
· Tree thinning activities for conservation of prefecture-owned forests
· Producing and donating benches that made effective use of thinned wood
Tree-Planting Activities for Creating Rich Forests
Changing and Reducing Packaging Materials (Netherlands)

Community contribution

Participation in local traditional event (Mando Festival)
Road cleanup activities in areas around plants
Activities to raise awareness for traffic safety
Crime prevention patrols
Cooperating in Local Firefighting Operations and Becoming a “Partner of Firefighters” (Germany)


Holding charity concert
Support for international NGO through volunteer activities to collect spoiled postcards and others
Periodic blood donation drives

(Activities without country designation were conducted in Japan.)

Activity Examples of Toyota Industries (Japan)

【Youth development】Holding Mini Concerts at Elementary Schools

Mini concert at an elementary school

With an aspiration to provide children, who are the leaders of the coming age, with an opportunity to cultivate richness of mind through “real” music, we started inviting violinists, pianists and other professional musicians and organizing mini concerts at elementary schools in fiscal 2011. In fiscal 2020, we held such a concert at seven elementary schools in Aichi Prefecture. At Yoshihama Elementary School in Takahama City, in particular, we invited a choral group from Latvia, known as the singing nation, who sung the school song as a surprise gift for the children. More than 500 children were completely immersed in the choir’s beautiful, transparent voices.

【Environmental protection】Tree-Planting Activities for Creating Rich Forests

The team leader association of Toyota Industries has been undertaking tree-planting activities since fiscal 2012 with the aim of restoring biodiversity and creating rich forests. In fiscal 2020, about 130 members and their families planted cedar saplings in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture. It will take some 50 years for these saplings to mature, and the participants planted each sapling with care, hoping for healthy growth.

Tree-planting activity for creating a rich forest
Number of Participants of Social Contribution Activities of Employee Associations
Each employee association voluntarily and proactively engages in social contribution activities, with the number of participants remaining at a high level every year.

Activity Examples of Consolidated Subsidiaries (Outside Japan)

【China(Social welfare)】Cooperating in a Soccer Class for Children with Autism or Down Syndrome

Toyota Industries Management (China) Co., Ltd. (TIMC) [Import-export trade, logistics operations within China and operation of distribution centers]
Toyota Material Handling (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (TMHS) [Sales of materials handling equipment]
Toyota Textile Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (TTMS) [Installation, servicing and sales of supply parts of textile machinery]

Participants of a soccer class for children with autism or Down syndrome

TIMC, TMHS and TTMS volunteered in a soccer class held to support the rehabilitation of children with autism or Down syndrome. During the class, about 20 children enjoyed physical exercise through soccer and experienced the joy of scoring a goal through teamwork. At the end of the event, the three companies donated stationary goods with the Toyota Material Handling Group logo and bath towels made by using our air-jet looms.

【U.S.A.(Youth development)】Helping to Distribute School Supplies to Children

Uster Technologies, Inc. (USTER USA) [Production, sales and after-sales services of quality measurement instruments for fiber, yarn and fabric]

Children receiving school supplies at the “Shoes for School” event

In August 2019, USTER USA participated in the annual “Shoes for School” event organized by the local NPO Knoxville Area Urban League. The event is conducted with the aim of supporting children to head back to school and start their academic year well prepared with new shoes, socks, school supplies and free haircuts. At the event, associates packed and distributed 6,000 pairs of socks donated from an apparel manufacturer. USTER USA volunteers were grateful to be part of the local community that came together to bring a smile on children’s faces.

【Netherlands(Environmental protection)】Changing and Reducing Packaging Materials

Vanderlande Industries Holding B.V. (Vanderlande) [Provision of logistics solutions]

Package using a reusable separator
For protection of the environment, Vanderlande changed and reduced packaging materials used to transport spare parts necessary for maintenance of logistics systems. Firstly, Vanderlande changed packing tape from vinyl to recyclable paper, which is expected to reduce its annual plastic consumption equivalent of 30,000 meters of tape. Another improvement was a reusable separator to place a maximum of eight small parts, which had been packaged separately, in one box. Vanderlande will continue to make effective use of resources and undertake its corporate activities in an environmentally friendly manner.

【Germany(Community contribution)】Cooperating in Local Firefighting Operations and Becoming a “Partner of Firefighters”

TD Deutsche Klimakompressor GmbH (TDDK) [Production of car air-conditioning compressors]

Local fire brigade supported by TDDK

In rural areas near Bersndorf in the Free State of Saxony, where TDDK is located, local fire brigades are mostly on a volunteer basis and in case of need volunteer firefighters get an alert. TDDK supports their activities through donations as well as encouraging and allowing associates to respond to alert calls during their work time. As a show of gratitude, TDDK was honored as a “Partner of Firefighters” in October 2019 by the county’s head of firefighters. TDDK will continue its ongoing efforts to cooperate in local firefighting operations.