Relationship with Our Local Communities

With a view toward creating an enriched and healthy society and ensuring its sustainable growth, we fulfill our role as a good corporate citizen and actively undertake social contribution activities in every region where we do business.

Basic Perspective

Carrying on the founding spirit of “contributing to society through monozukuri (manufacturing),” each and every employee of Toyota Industries proactively engages in social contribution activities as a dedicated member of society. With an emphasis on the areas of social welfare, youth development, environmental protection and community contribution, we not only provide cooperation and support through personnel, facilities, funds and know-how but also strive to closely connect with participants.

Implementation Structure

We have established the Social Contribution Group within the General Administration Department in the Corporate Headquarters. Through this group, we plan and execute various programs in aforementioned areas; undertake enlightenment activities to raise employees’ awareness; provide logistics support to volunteer activities of individual employees as well as employees’ voluntary organizations formed at each job level; and promote communication with local communities.

We established a volunteer support center called “Heartful Club” in 2008, which has been used as a base for our social contribution activities, such as collaborating with NPOs and holding meetings with local residents.

Major Initiatives

Enlightenment Activities

Tree-Planting in Shizuoka's Idaria Forest
Tree-Planting in Shizuoka's Idaira Forest

We promote a range of programs for employees of Toyota Industries and its Group companies so as to increase their interest in social issues and cultivate a mindset to always think about what they can do to address these issues. Such programs include donating one item per one person to help welfare facilities to hold a charity bazaar; local cleanup activity conducted as part of training for new employees; social welfare and environmental protection activities of employee associations*1; and providing information on volunteer activities via the intranet. In this way, we provide various opportunities and venues to participate in social contribution activities.
*1: Voluntary organizations formed by employees at each job level

Communicating with Local Communities

Local community meeting
Local community meeting

We hold an annual local community meeting for the purpose of sharing and resolving various issues in each community.

This meeting is attended by local community representatives and responsible persons of Toyota Industries in the general administration, environment and other relevant departments. Depending on the theme of the meeting, representatives from the local government also join. Participants exchange opinions not only on our business activities and associated environmental risks but also on local events and activities for crime/disaster prevention and traffic safety.