Youth Development

Toyota Industries Environment Educational Program

This educational program for fifth-grade students aims to spark an interest in environmental conservation among young people by introducing them to environmentally conscious manufacturing practices. The program combines quizzes, experiments, and other fun activities with a plant tour that introduces students to green initiatives like solar energy generation, wind generation, geothermal utilization.
As an overall summary of the program, students are introduced to the founding spirit of Sakichi Toyoda, "Always be studious and creative, striving to stay ahead of the times", and strongly encouraged to take up the challenges of research, creation, and invention in their own lives.

Supporting the "Dream Car Contest"

Obu City, where the automobile industry is one of the major industries, has been holding the "Dream Car Contest" since 1994 with the aim of letting children discover the joy and fun of manufacturing.
We present the top prize winners in the contest with model cars created by our modelers and rendered images created by car designers based on the works of children as supplementary prizes.
In addition, we have been holding "Future Car Learning" since 2011 as a preliminary study for the "Dream Car Contest".
Our car designer will be the instructor and will talk about the process of deciding the work content and car design.
Through this class, I hope that children will be more interested in automobiles and manufacturing, and that the contest will be filled with dreams.

Monozukuri workshop

We work in collaboration with a local Youth Invention Club to hold a Monozukuri workshop with the aim of giving young people the opportunity to enjoy making things.
On the day of the event, current and former Toyota Industries Corporation employee volunteers work with the Invention Club staff to help children.
Once the students have finished making their projects, they can use them to participate in games and other activities. The event has become an exciting for the children.

Monozukuri workshop for local elementary school students during their summer vacation
New Year's kite-flying contest

Concert at elementary school

Utilizing the admission fee for the charity concert sponsored by our company, we have been holding mini concert visits for fifth and sixth graders at elementary schools in cities where our plants are located since 2010.Since 2012, we have also held them in the regions damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

These performances are held in school gymnasiums or classrooms, where music is integrated into the class curriculum and students get the chance to hear top-rated performers play instruments right before their eyes. Students are able to get a physical sense of things like the tone and sound of the instruments as well as the performers' breathing patterns and emotional state as they play, and it is our hope that this experience develops their sensitivity and appreciation towards music while mentally and emotionally enriching them.

Find more about min concerts.

Manufacturing Event for high school students (Subsidiary outside Japan)

【The Raymond Corporation(Raymond)/U.S.A】

Every year, Raymond Corporation holds a “Manufacturing Event” at its New York headquarters for local high school students to introduce jobs in the manufacturing, engineering and material handling industries.

In this event, high school students directly listen to Raymond employees about the attractiveness of the manufacturing industry based on their daily work and experience, experience welding and lift truck driving using virtual reality simulators, and observe the manufacturing site, etc. They learned about industry jobs.

Donate school supplies to elementary schools (Subsidiary outside Japan)

【Toyota Industries Engine India Pvt. Ltd.(TIEI)/India】

Poverty is severe in rural India, and high dropout rates are a problem in primary schools.
TIEI has been donating learning supplies since 2017 in collaboration with the Karnataka State Government.
We will continue this activity with the goal of reducing the dropout rate of elementary schools and creating a society with a higher literacy rate.