Other Wide-Ranging Activities

Charity Concerts

Toyota Industries has been holding concerts since FY2008 in an effort to use music as a way to promote local culture and contribute to the development of the next generation of young people. The concerts are a way to expose everyone in the community to quality musical performances while contributing to the development of a richer and more peaceful society. We also want to encourage and inspire students in the community who are interested in pursuing music, and therefore invite them to experience these top-rate musician performances firsthand and free of charge. A portion of the proceeds from these concerts is used to fund our elementary school mini concert visits.

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Volunteer Collection Activities

We also carry out volunteer collection activities along with seven Group companies based in the Kariya City. Thanks to the efforts of a great many of our employees, we have been able to collect miswritten postcards, used DVDs, unused stamps, foreign coins and bills, and other items and donate them to the Hunger Free World non-profit organization, the National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan, and the Japan Committee for UNICEF. One of our goals with these activities is to raise awareness among our employees about the hunger, poverty, and educational issues plaguing countries in other parts of Asia as well as in Africa.

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Blood Drives

Blood transfusions and blood preparations are a critical part of treatment for those suffering from injury or illness. We support the goals of the Japan Red Cross to provide these people with blood free of charge by regularly holding blood drives at our company. The drives are held twice a year, with each of our domestic plants hosting the drives in turn. Around a hundred employees donate blood each time.

Participating in the Management of the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology

The Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology was jointly founded by the companies of the Toyota Group. The facility makes use of the former Toyoda Jido Shokufu Kojo (Toyoda Automatic Weaving Mill)* building, which was an experimental plant built in 1911 by the founder of the Toyota Group, Sakichi Toyoda, for the development of automatic looms.
The purpose of the museum is to raise the understanding of young people about the "spirit of research and creation" and also the importance and wonder of monozukuri (manufacturing). We provide the museum with human resources, funds for covering management costs, and also exhibit items, as well as participating in the management of the museum.

*Toyoda Jido Shokufu Kojo (Toyoda Automatic Weaving Mill): recognized by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry as one of the country's Heritage Sites of Industrial Modernization, this building has also been designated by Nagoya City as an important building in the urban landscape.

Supporting the Management of the Sculpture d'Esaka (Art Museum in Osaka, Japan)

The Sculpture d'Esaka art museum, located in the city of Suita in Osaka Prefecture, is one of only a few facilities in Japan that displays a collection of nothing but modern sculpture. We are supporting the management of this museum so that large numbers of visitors can appreciate the artistic impression that can only be experienced through seeing the actual sculptures in person.

Participating in Earthquake Recovery Support Activities in Japan (Subsidiary outside Japan)


In May 2015, five employees of TD Deutsche Klimakompressor GmbH joined recovery support efforts in the area greatly damaged in the Great East Japan Earthquake through the NPO, Kizuna-in-Berlin. The volunteers engaged in various activities, such as restoring homes, tending farms and repairing tools. They stayed with the local residents in a homestay, which enabled them to deepen their insights into Japanese culture and daily life and to form bonds with people in the communities.

[Corporate Citizen of the Year] Award (Subsidiary outside Japan)

(C)Picture This Jackson


On January 28, 2016, Michigan Automotive Compressor, Georgia, LLC received the Jackson City Special Commendation "2016 Corporate Citizen of the Year" Award as recognition for its outstanding CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) contributions to the local community through positive volunteer action. Activities included assistance for the poor and the handicapped as well as highway beautification.