Environmental Conservation

Donating Benches Made from Thinned Lumber

Toyota Industries participates in a project to donate thinned wood benches to parks and kindergartens, which is being undertaken by the public interest incorporated foundation Asute.
In addition, in order to convey the importance of thinning to the children, we also presented a picture book, "What is thinning?"

Toyota Industries Ecocoro* Tree Thinning Activity

Since 2009, Toyota Industries have been carrying out forest conservation activities in Kaisho Forest (Aichi Prefecture).
In addition, from 2011, we will carry out thinning work with children in orphanages, and while making book stands and treasure chests using the thinned lumber, we will have them learn the importance of nature conservation as they experience the joy of monozukuri (manufacturing).
*The word "Ecocoro" is a coined word consisting of the words "Ecology" and "Cocoro" ("Spirit" in Japanese) and symbolizes our ambition to foster an eco-friendly spirit.

Tree-Planting in Shizuoka's Idaira Forest