Environmental Report 2003

Entire Environmental Report 2003

[2.12 MB/60 pages]


A Message from the President PDF[363 KB/1 page]
Corporate Information PDF[363 KB/2 pages]
Highlights of FY 2002 Environmental Activities PDF[117 KB/2 pages]
Business Activities and Environmental Impact PDF[363 KB/2 pages]
Environmental Action Plan and FY 2002 Results PDF[363 KB/2 pages]
Environmental Management PDF[274 KB/8 pages]
Organization PDF[276 KB/1 page]
Improving the Environmental Management System PDF[276 KB/1 page]
Environmental Education and Awareness PDF[276 KB/1 page]
Environmental Accounting PDF[276 KB/1 page]
Risk Management PDF[276 KB/2 pages]
Group-Wide Environmental Management PDF[276 KB/2 pages]
Developing Environmentally Conscious Products (Full text) PDF[266 KB/8 pages]
Green Procurement PDF[266 KB/2 pages]
Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) PDF[266 KB/2 pages]
Recycling PDF[266 KB/1 page]
Environmentally Conscious Products PDF[366 KB/2 pages]
[Spotlight] Car Air-Conditioning Compressors PDF[265 KB/1 page]
Reducing Environmental Impact of Manufacturing Activities PDF[408 KB/14 pages]
Energy Conservation Activities PDF[410 KB/4 pages]
Chemical Substance Management and Activities to Reduce Substances of Concern PDF[410 KB/2 pages]
Pollution Prevention PDF[410 KB/1 page]
[Spotlight] Environmental Activities at the Wastewater Treatment Facility of Kariya Plant PDF[410 KB/1 page]
Reducing Industrial Waste PDF[58 MB/3 pages]
Reducing Water Consumption PDF[410 KB/1 page]
Reducing CO2 Emissions from Logistics Operations PDF[410 KB/1 page]
Reducing Packaging PDF[410 KB/1 page]
Community and Employees PDF[131 KB/4 pages]
Working with Community PDF[133 KB/2 pages]
Safety and Health Management PDF[133 KB/2 pages]
FY 2002 Environmental Data PDF[135 KB/10 pages]
Toyota Industries Group Group-Wide Environmental Data PDF[137 KB/2 pages]
Environmental Data for Each Plant PDF[137 KB/8 pages]
Environmental Activity History PDF[757 KB/1 page]
Glossary PDF[757 KB/1 page]
Reaction to Environmental Report 2002 PDF[757 KB/1 page]
Independent Review Report on the Environmental Report 2003 PDF[757 KB/1 page]