1. TMHJ Launches "SEnS+" Operator Assist System That Detects and Distinguishes Pedestrians and Objects behind the Forklifts and Automatically Controls the Traveling Speed and Prevents the Truck from Moving Backward
  2. The fiscal 2022 first quarter financial results announced
  3. Notice Concerning Revision of Forecast of Financial Results for FY2022
  4. Toyota Industries establishes its CSR Materiality action targets and FY2031 numerical targets
  5. Toyota Material Handling Europe moves towards net-zero future with 100% renewable electricity
  6. Matters Concerning Controlling Shareholders, etc.
  7. Regarding Position and Policy on Reduction of the Investment Units
  8. Suspension of Production of Certain Forklift Models in North America
  9. Third Wave Automation and Toyota Industries Announce Strategic Partnership to Produce Next Generation Autonomous Material Handling Vehicles
  10. The fiscal 2021 annual financial results announced
  11. Notice Concerning Changes in Representative Directors and other Executive Managements
  12. Shipment suspension of some models of engine-powered lift trucks in the United States
  13. TICO to Increase Global Investments in Autonomous Vehicle Software
  14. Toyota Industries Corporation and Siemens cooperate on digital transformation for die casting
  15. Toyota Industries Formulates its Seventh Environmental Action Plan
  16. ANA Partners with Toyota Industries to Test Advanced Autonomous Tow Tractor
  17. Toyota Industries Renovates Toyota Material Handling Customer Center Tokyo for the First Time in 20 Years
  18. Toyota Industries Newly Develops Highly-versatile Small FC Module
  19. Toyota Industries Reaches the 20-million Unit Mark in Cumulative Engine Production in Japan
  20. The fiscal 2021 third quarter financial results announced
  21. Notice Concerning Revision of Cash Dividends Forecast