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Toyota Industries establishes its CSR Materiality action targets and FY2031 numerical targets

- Contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) -

Toyota Industries Corporation (President: Akira Onishi; "Toyota Industries") published its "CSR Materiality," which we have to address at high priority, toward the realization of a sustainable society in April 2020. To further accelerate related activities, we have recently established specific action targets and FY2031 numerical targets regarding nine CSR Materiality items.

We have endeavored to resolve social issues through our business activities including; development of highly functional and environment-friendly electrification-related products such as highly efficient and energy-saving electric compressors, and clean and high-quality fuel cell units and onboard batteries etc.; and development of new technologies and products for logistics automation and expansion in sales of them responding to the need for logistics automations, which has been increasing in recent years.

Establishing our specific CSR Materiality action targets and FY2031 numerical targets will allow us to further accelerate activities toward resolving social issues such as preventing global warming, check our progress, and promote dialog with internal and external stakeholders.

Going forward, Toyota Industries is committed to contributing to the realization of a sustainable society and the achievement of the SDGs through our business activities.

CSR MaterialityAction Policies (excerpt)FY2031 numerical targets (excerpt)
■ Mitigation of Global Warming
■ Contribution to Circular Economy
Reducing CO2 emissions
from production activities
Reduce production-derived CO2
emissions: -50% < vs FY14 level>
(ambitious target)
■ Creation of Innovative Values
Promoting development of
new technologies that create
new values
Ratio of R&D expenses for
electrification and automation:
Over 70%
Expand peripheral fields and new
business fields Net sales:
Over ¥1trillion
■ Products and Services which
contribute to Safety, Security
and Comfort
■ Mutual Prosperity through
Partnerships with Local
Enhancing electrification-
related products and services
that are highly functional,
ecologically sound and
adaptable as social
Expand sales of electrification-related
-Ratio of electrification-related
products to net sales: Over 70%
■ Safe and Healthy Environments
■ Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion
■ Sustainable Procurement
■ Compliance and Risk Management
Fostering safe and healthy
workplaces for everyone
Eliminate serious accidents
-Number of serious accidents: 0
-Frequency rate of lost workday
injuries (non-consolidated): 0.00

For details on CSR materiality, please refer to the PDF file. Open this PDF file in a new window. PDF [650.3 KB/2 pages]

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