Materials Handling Equipment

Toyota Industries develops, produces, sells and provides services for a broad range of products, from industrial vehicles centered around a full lineup of lift trucks (0.5- to 43-ton capacities) to materials handling systems. Lift trucks, which capture the top global market share, are delivered to customers around the world under the TOYOTA, RAYMOND and CESAB brands. Toyota Industries also strives to provide finely tuned after-sales services so that customers can always use our products in the best possible condition.

While raising the level of after-sales services for developed countries, we are reinforcing our sales and service networks as well as enhancing service training for emerging countries.

Global Business Development Led by Toyota Material Handling Group (TMHG)

As a market leader in the materials handling equipment and logistics fields, Toyota Industries assists customers worldwide in attaining greater logistics efficiencies by delivering logistics solutions optimally tailored to their specific needs. Under the TMHG management structure, we engage in business under the TOYOTA, RAYMOND and CESAB brands. Mutually utilizing the sales and development strengths of each brand, TMHG is promoting business expansion on a global scale.

Expanding operations of Logistics Solutions Business

Toyota Industries plans, develops, and creates materials handling equipment and systems, thereby promoting the expansion of the logistics solutions business that resolves logistics issues.
We provide automated storage and retrieval systems, automated guided vehicles, and other high-quality products based on the experience and expertise in materials handling equipment we have nurtured through our lift truck business, which has the top share in the global market. At the same time, we have expanded our business field into the development of warehouse logistics, including distribution centers, by taking advantage of our efficient production and logistics method, which is a strength of the Toyota Group.
In 2017, Netherlands-based Vanderlande Industries Holding B.V. and North America-based Bastian Solutions LLC became part of TICO and we formed TALG (Toyota Advanced Logistics Group). By three companies working together closely while leveraging respective strengths, we provide the best logistics solutions to maximize operational efficiency of our customers.