Basic Stance

Global Environmental Commitment

Basic Environmental Philosophy

We will strive for the preservation of the Environment across all of our business activities and will work to develop, establish and promote technologies that are compatible with both the environment and economic activity, aiming to create a rich natural environment for future generations while establishing a sustainable society which enables the harmonious coexistence of nature with our daily lives.

Guiding Principle

We will continue to set challenging targets for further reduction of the environmental impact of our business operations, while at the same time listening carefully to the voices of our customers and stakeholders and acting in compliance with the letter and sprit of laws and regulations.

We will place the following four items as the highest priority among environmental activities and proactively work on each item.

・ Establishing a carbon neutral society;
Setting the prevention of global warming as our highest priority,
- We will press forward the development of products and technologies for pursuing superior energy efficiency throughout the lifecycle of products.
- We will reduce the energy consumption of all our business operations and promote the use of clean energy.

・ Establishing a recycling-based society;
- We will promote the effective use of resources at the developing stage of products.
- We will seek to minimize our resource consumption and to implement production activities that reduce the amount of unwanted substances.

・ Reducing environmental risk and establishing a society in harmony with nature;
- We will strive to use more environmentally friendly chemical substances in our products.
- We will seek to minimize environmental risks by working to develop environmentally burden free production activities.
- We will evaluate and understand how business operations impact biodiversity and take actions based on the results

・ Promoting environmental management;
- We will develop environmental specialists who can take the initiative, and extend environmental awareness not only to our employees,
but also to their families and communities.

We will aim to foster greater communication and teamwork within a wide range of partnerships, including those with customers and suppliers, in order to promote sustainable management of the environment. In addition, the Toyota Industries Group will act as an upstanding corporate citizen, taking an active part in the planning of activities that contribute to various regional communities as well as to our global society.

March 25,2021
Toyota Industries Corporation
Akira Onishi

Our environmental initiatives

We have been striving to grasp the overall picture of the use of natural resources and energy, and the consequential environmental impact over the entire life cycle of the product from the planning, development and design of a new product to its disposal, with the aim of promoting efficient activities and reducing environmental impact.
The input includes sources of energy such as power, water, paper used in offices, raw materials used for manufacturing the product, various kinds of chemical substances used in the production process, and fuel for transport vehicles used in the distribution stage. The effect of their consumption is the depletion of natural resources.
The output includes wastewater, exhaust gas and other wastes generated in the manufacturing stages, and carbon dioxide produced by the consumption of fuel and energy, which have various environmental impacts.
To reduce these environmental impacts, we have been establishing daily controls, setting goals and promoting environmental activities.

We will seek to minimize our resource consumption and to implement production activities that reduce the amount of unwanted substances.