7th Action Plan (FY2022 - 2026)

To contribute to society that realizes affluent living in harmony with the earth in accordance with the Global Environmental Commitment (Fig. 1), which is the basic stance of our environmental efforts, we have announced the Environmental Vision 2050 (Fig. 2), including the challenge of a global zero CO2-emission society.

We have formulated the Seventh Environmental Action Plan, which is a new five-year plan (FY2022 to FY2026), to aim at realizing the Environmental Vision 2050. The Seventh Environmental Action Plan sets targets based on the four pillars of the Global Environmental Commitment: 1) Establishing a carbon neutral society; 2) Establishing a recycling-based society; 3) Reducing environmental risk and establishing a society in harmony with nature; and 4) Promoting environmental management.
Toyota Industries Group will work as one to take on the challenge of achieving these targets.

(Fig. 1) Global Environmental Commitment
(Fig. 2) Environmental Vision 2050

Seventh Environmental Action Plan

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