Social & Environmental Report 2004

Entire Social & Environmental Report 2004

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A Message from the President PDF[12.0 KB/1 page]
Corporate Philosophy and Corporate Profile PDF[41.2 KB/2 pages]

Corporate Governance

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compliance PDF[40.3 KB/1 page]
Spotlight PDF[82.8 KB/2 pages]
Social & Environmental Report 2004 Highlights PDF[35.9 KB/1 page]
Caring for the Environment PDF[884 KB/30 pages]
Business Activities and Environmental Impact PDF[67.9 KB/2 pages]
Environmental Action Plan and FY 2003 Results PDF[34.0 KB/2 pages]
Environmental Management PDF[18.1 KB/1 page]
Environmental Accounting PDF[14.2 KB/1 page]
Risk Management PDF[58.7 MB/2 pages]
Group-wide Environmental Management PDF[97.7 KB/2 pages]
Development of Environmentally Friendly Products PDF[137 KB/6 pages]
Management and Reduction of Substances of Concern,
Green Procurement

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Environmentally Conscious Products
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LCA and Recycling PDF[27.8 KB/1 page]
Environmentally Friendly Products
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Caring for the Environment in the production activities PDF[473 KB/13 pages]
Energy Subcommittee PDF[126 KB/4 pages]
Pollution Prevention Subcommittee
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Resourece Utilization Subcommittee PDF[279 KB/4 pages]
Good Corporate Citizenship
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Relationship with the customer
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Relationship with the Community PDF[154 KB/5 pages]
Relationship with the Employee PDF[95.0 KB/6 pages]
FY2003 Environmental Data PDF[59.4 KB/4 pages]
Independent Review Report on the Social & environmental Report 2004 PDF[1.63 KB/1 page]
Questionarrier PDF[16.5 KB/1 page]