Procurement Policy

Toyota Industries Corporation is involved in a wide range of business fields from textile machinery to automotive related fields such as engines, car air-compressors, and vehicles, to materials handling equipment such as forklift trucks, and the electronics that go into these products, and even to foundry parts. Our company procures the necessary parts, materials, and equipment for these many different business fields from suppliers all over the world. Along with requiring our suppliers to provide quality items at a low price and in a timely manner, we cooperate with them to promote environmental preservation and meet the other demands of society. In addition we take a long term view toward our relationships with suppliers with an aim to realize an amicable relationship of mutual prosperity based on fair business practices.

Basic Procurement Policy

Fair Business Transactions Based on an Open Door Policy

We have an open and fair entry process that allows all potential suppliers, regardless of nationality, size, and experience, the same chance to offer us their products or services. We select our business partners based on economic reasons such as the quality, price, and volume of their products, as well as on their adherence to delivery times. In addition, we also consider comprehensively things like safety, environmental awareness, company stability, technological development ability, and compliance.

Amicable Relationship of Mutual Benefit Based on Mutual Trust

At Toyota Industries Corporation we work hard to realize an amicable relation of mutual benefit with our suppliers based on mutual trust. We also believe that it is important to promote friendly communication with our suppliers by means of our procurement activities.

Reducing Environmental Impact through Environmentally Preferable Purchasing

In order to create environmentally-friendly products we aim to procure parts, materials, and equipment that have low environmental impact from suppliers that always give sufficient consideration to the environment.

Localization of Business Based on Good Corporate Citizenship

As a company that undertakes local production overseas, we promote procurement from local suppliers in order to contribute to the local community.

Obeying the Law

It is Toyota Industries' policy to strictly abide by both the letter and spirit of laws and regulations and to also carefully handle and protect our partner's secret corporate information.

Policies and Approaches to Responsible Mineral Sourcing

Toyota Industries Corporation and its subsidiaries promote acquisition of materials with full deliberation and care to avoid the procurement or usage of materials which are unlawful or which are obtained through unethical or otherwise unacceptable means. We recognize that the situation surrounding conflict minerals originating in Covered Countries is a significant social issues in supply chains. We pursue procurement and usage that are free from conflict minerals originating in Covered Countries and relating to illegal conduct including human rights infringement. We also recognize that human rights abuses such as child labor in the procurement of cobalt, etc. are a serious social problem, and we pursue procurement activities that do not include minerals that are suspected of being involved in such abuses. To achieve such procurement and usage, we conduct inquiries tracing back through our supply chains and confirm if such minerals are used. In addition, we take appropriate steps to discontinue procurement of materials that can cause social problems such as human rights violations or financing of armed groups, if such usage is detected. Based on mutually beneficial relationships, we ask our suppliers to understand our policies and approaches and to conduct responsible material procurement.