Implementation Structure

Based upon our belief that the realization of the Toyoda Precept (corporate creed) and Basic Philosophy makes a contribution to sustainable sosiety, Toyota Industries has established the CSR Comittee (chairperson: the president, vice chairperson: the head of Corporate Headquarters) to determine the directions for group-wide activities in accordance with the Toyota Industries Group Sustainability Policy, approve action plans and evaluate the results.
The CSR Comittee deliberates and makes decisions on the group-wide issues concerning sustainability and risk, including the CSR material issues (CSR Materiality). These issues are, as deemed necessary, reported to and deliberated on by the Board of Directors also.
Each division and group company incorporates these decisions into their specific activities and carries them out.

CSR Committee

Frequency Generally twice per year
Chairperson President
Vice Chairperson The head of the Corporate Headquarters
Committee Member Full-time Audit & Supervisory Board Members, General Managers of each division and related Senior Executive Officers / Executive Officers
Office Risk & Sustainability Management Group, Corporate Planning Department, Corporate Headquarters
Main Agenda ・Action plan and results under the Toyota Industries Group Sustainability Policy
・CSR Materiality, action policies and targets
・Risk management for the Group