Aichi Corporation, your solutions-focused partner as a creator of work environments

Holding the largest share of the aerial work platform market in Japan, Aichi is a leading manufacturer of special purpose vehicles. Our aim is to be a creator of work environments by working with customers to find solutions in every workplace and helping them to improve their business performance.

Truck-Mounted Aerial Work Platforms


Focused on safety and work efficiency,the aerial work platform flexibly adapts to changes in work environments.
The SH15C1FS is ideal for and primarily used at electric utility worksites, with its high insulation ability provided by FRP bucket and boom, and with its hydraulic winch with maximum hoisting capacity of 490 kg.Its undefined-step outriggers allow for a more adjustable working range than the previous 4 defined steps type.The multi-information display shows various status and functions of vehicle in real time to assist safe work along with improved standard safety devices.


Developed from the concept of “Heartful & Safety, the aerial work platform that is kind to people”.
In order to answer our customer's needs for a utility truck that is “safe, easy to use, and provides even greater peace of mind” we developed this truck from the concept of “Heartful & Safety, the aerial work platform that is kind to people” so that it could be easily used even by women and older people. This new truck carries on the tradition of safety and ease of use from the previous model while meeting the needs of our customers even more completely thanks to its various enhanced options.

KYMASTER SJ30ARS (available only in Japan)

A 30-meter class aerial work platform that can be operated by Japanese medium-sized motor vehicle license holders.
This 30-meter class aerial work platform is equipped with a bending arm at the tip of the boom. It has been designed to work at greater heights and distances than before. It can be operated by Japanese medium-sized motor vehicle license holders as the total vehicle weight is less than eight tons, and the overall vehicle width and outrigger outreach is the same as our 27-meter class aerial work platforms. The compact body of this vehicle, which has a total height of 3.3 meters or less, contributes to easier and efficient usage.

Self-Propelled Aerial Work Platforms


A wheel-type aerial work platform with a compact body, making it ideal for construction work.
With a maximum height of 12 meters, this wheel-type aerial work platform is well suited to shipbuilding and construction site work. Its automatic accelerator control system adjusts the engine speed automatically to the optimum level depending on the operating speed.



A compact wheel-type scissor lift platform that is easy to use and is suitable for indoor work.
This wheel-type scissor lift, with a maximum height of 5.72 meters, is used for indoor worksites, including equipment and interior work as well as maintenance work. The lowest floor height and overall height of the vehicle is lower than the previous model, and it's more compactly and easier to climb into the vehicle. It's equipped with the maintenance free battery which doesn't have to be water refilling. The temperature correction function is adopted to a charger, and the life cycle of the battery is improved.

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