The 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015

Press Briefing

44th Tokyo Motor Show Press Briefing Summary

  • Exhibition concept and briefing content
    • The concept is, “Be Innovative”
    • Explanation of outstanding Toyota Industries products that contribute to reducing environmental impact, and appeal our technological development prowess and growth
  • Introduction of Toyota Industries environmental technologies and products
    • Introduce technologies and products that dramatically improve performance, including energy conservation, and making smaller and lighter

1)Products for hybrid vehicles
Products being newly developed for the new Toyota Motor Corporation Prius to be launched in December 2015

(1) Car Air-Conditioning Electric Compressor ESB20
The use of a newly developed motor, and improved compression structure achieves an improvement in air-conditioning function and a reduction in electricity consumption

(2) DC-DC Converter
The use of a high-dissipation thick copper substrate achieves a 60% reduction in weight, a 50% reduction in volume, and dramatically reducing the size and weight

(3) Rear Inverter

By successfully adopting an air-cooling heat dissipation structure, water-cooled piping is eliminated, increasing freedom of where it can be placed in the vehicle

(4) 1500W AC Inverter

Revising the layout of the cooling fan and electronic parts achieves 30% size reductio

2) Products for engine-powered vehicles
Production of a diesel engine for the Toyota Motor Corporation Land Cruiser Prado launched in June 2015

(1) GD engine
①Achieves world's top level of maximum heat of 44%, with significantly improved fuel efficiency and torque
②Development was led by Toyota Motor Corporation with the participation of Toyota Industries, and production in Japan is carried out by Toyota Industries

(2) GD engine turbocharger
Dramatically improves acceleration response

3) Our efforts toward the realization of the hydrogen energy society
Compression technology used by the world's No. 1 share car air-conditioning compressor is used in products for the Toyota Motor Corporation MIRAI
(1) Air Compressor
(2) Hydrogen Circulation pump
*Toyota Industries initiatives for fuel cell technology
We are developing fuel cell lift trucks with the aim of the hydrogen energy society, participating in the several demonstration experiments

  • Conclusion
    Contributing to the realization of automobile evolution and enjoyment, the comfortable society and enriched lifestyle for people around the world