Development of the Oxygen-Supplying Air Compressor for FCV For MIRAI—For the Future

World’s First Six-Lobe Helical Root-Type Rotor, Providing Compression Efficiency with Low Noise and Vibration (NV).

The 21st century is being called the age of the environment.

Bolstering Toyota Industries' Vision 2020 are the keywords of the 3Es (Environment, Ecology & Energy), in response to the range of issues currently threatening the global environment. These keywords are central to its protection, and illustrate our intention to speed the development of eco-friendly products.

One product that embodies these 3E principles is the oxygen-supplying air compressor for fuel cell vehicles. This is incorporated in the MIRAI FCV that made its spectacular debut in 2014.

This story tells of the challenges faced by five technicians on the journey to achieving the MIRAI—a world first.