Message from the President

Toyota Industries Continues to Support Industries and Social Foundations around the World in Order to Contribute to a Comfortable Society and Enriched Lifestyles.

Toyota Industries has been carrying on the spirit of founder Sakichi Toyoda—namely "through manufacturing, contribute towards society and the world as a whole." In 2011, we announced "Vision 2020," which acts as a map and compass for charting a course to the next stage of growth, and we have resolved to move forward by "supporting the industrial and social foundations around the world through our sustainable corporate growth, thereby contributing to a comfortable society and enriched lifestyles."

The first measure in these strategies is spurring technological innovation in environment and energy areas based on the keywords of the 3Es—Environment, Ecology and Energy. We aim to contribute to realizing a society with minimum environmental impact by developing products in energy conservation and electrification fields. For the second measure, which is the expansion of our value chain, in businesses such as Materials Handling Equipment, we will not only offer products but also support our customers by providing enhanced after-sales services that allow them to use our products with a sense of reassurance for many years to come. In terms of the third measure of pursuing business development in world markets, we will focus closely on the needs of customers in each region and provide them with products and services they truly need.

By promoting these initiatives, we intend to grow each business unit. At the same time, we will strive to broaden the base of our business domains, focus attention on overlapping areas and utilize our strengths derived from operating diverse businesses to achieve sustained growth and realize the contribution to society outlined in Vision 2020. To provide a sound foundation for this type of global growth, we will raise workplace capabilities, diversify the utilization of personnel and nurture human resources capable of playing active roles on the global stage. In addition, to counter a rise in risks resulting from an expansion in business activities, we aim to mitigate such risks and make a swift and accurate response when such risks materialize. Besides creating a workplace that places the utmost priority on safety and thoroughly carrying out compliance, which includes adhering to laws and regulations, we will actively participate in social contribution activities. Through these efforts, we aim to win the trust of society and grow in harmony with society.

Looking towards the future, we will continue to strive to meet the expectations of our customers and of all our stakeholders.

Akira Onishi, President