Electronic Shedding Motion

E-shed (for Air Jet Loom JAT710)

An air-jet loom shedding motion makes a vertical space between the raised and lowered warp threads through which to insert the weft yarn. It allows the weaving of complex-patterned fabrics by controlling the timing of the raising or lowering of warp threads.
An electronic shedding motion allows the weaving of high difficulty and high quality fabrics, and it realizes weaving with low-impact for thread and a machine.

Reduction of the electric consumption

●Reduction of the inertia moment*1 of decelerators

 Our new developed product is equipped with a decelerator of each individual axis in substitution for our conventional product integrated with 16 axes. It reduces the inertia moment by approx. 54% than our conventional product.

●Equipment of converter integrated with 16 axes

 The regeneration energy at the time of the slowdown in an opening movement is stored in a capacitor. Regeneration energy increase so that frames increased, however, our conventional model did not collect nor store a part of it to a capacitor and was consumed by resistance.

 Although the capacitor with built-in amplifier was carried for every axis, since the capacitor with built-in amplifier is carried in the converter integrated with 16 axes, our conventional product enabled it to exploit all the regeneration energies with our developed product.

By these improvement, the electric consumption of the electronic shedding motion is reduced by approx. 22%*2.

*1 It means the quantity of the inertia over rotation of the object rotated around arbitrary axes.It means being hard to generate change of rotational movement, so that this quantity increase.
*2 This is the comparison of the electric consumption in 800 rpm of the main part of the loom.

Reduction of the amplifier size

Since our conventional products carried supplier's standard amplifier, they had unnecessary parts.
By carring the newly deveroped amplifire integrated with 2 axes, our new developed product is concentrated parts and eliminated unnecessary parts of the amplifire and reduced volume of it by aprox. 40%.