Electric Lift Truck

Order Picking Truck 0.7 - 1.5 ton

"Order Picking Truck" is a ift truck which an operator rides on a loading platform, and goes up and down. It makes easy that an operator do picking and work in high places.
Since it works with an electric motor and makes no exhaust gas quiet operatio sound, it is suitable for indoor operation such as in a food warehouse or a parts depository.

Longer operation time and smaller electric consumption in the cargo work

Our newly developed AC motor is used for "Order Picking Truck" to cargo work and a run.
Furthermore, it realized prolonged operation by adopting 48V battery.
It is with rationalization of a circuit, and the electric power recovery at the time of fork descent, and carried out sharp reduction of the power consumption at the time of cargo work.
Furthermore, it collects energies without futility by various regeneration systems.

Reduction of periodical replacement parts

It reduces components to be replaced periodically by using AC motor for cargo and run it.
Since the convensional DC motor has the brush and it is worn out, periodical replacement is required, however, AC motor has no brush and no need to replace.

The weight saving by plastic hood adoption

By adopting a plastic hood instead of convensional steel it, the weight of it is reduced by 77%. Furthermore, it was made easy to maintain by it enabling with a bolt removal of all the panels that cover the circumference.