Electric Compressor


Car air conditioners keep the inside of cars cool. The compressor is the heart of the car air conditioner.

Generally, the compressor is powered by an engine and driven with a belt.
It is necessary engine running for driving compressor even the time engine should stop such as idle stop. It means compressor leads energy consumption of car.
On the other hand, the electric compressor has merits as follows.

  1. It can work by a motor at the time of idle stop, it is compatible in the improvement in fuel consumption of car, and comfortable nature.
  2. It is not concerned with an engine movable situation, but can always carry out movable efficiently.

The electric compressor "ESA34" has realized higher energy efficiency and smaller sizing than our conventional model, and has carried out more environmental consideration.

Improvement of energy efficiency

"ESA34" has been developed aiming higher efficiency by applying new mechanism and carried out higher energy efficiency of 10%* than our conventional model. It has been successed better electricity consumption and better fuel consumption of car.

* In-house testing parameters

More lightweight

"ESA34" has carried out more lightweight the main body about 10% than conventional model by downsizing of the inverter, changing the layout, reviewing constitution of the part and reducing conclusion points. It contributes raw material reduction to be used.