Hybrid Lift Truck

Super Environmentally Friendly Product

Diesel-Powerd Hybrid Lift Truck 88-7FD 3.5ton

Toyota Industries Original Hybrid System

Fuel consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are significantly reduced thanks to the new proprietary hybrid system specifically developed for lift trucks, which efficiently combines an engine, electrical motor and battery. Adopting the series hybrid method for driving and the parallel hybrid method for loading/unloading, the system optimally matches the movement of the engine and motor depending on the task to achieve outstanding efficiency. This hybrid system enables not only engine rotation control but also energy regeneration when decelerating, achieving an approximately 50% reduction in fuel consumption compared with our 3.5-ton diesel engine lift truck. Cutting CO2 emissions throughout its lifecycle by almost 45%, the lift truck runs cleaner while possessing high power.

*1 In-house testing parameters
*2 'EcoPLAS' (in-house LCA system LCA:Life Cycle Assessment)

Ecologically Conscious Engine

It's equipped with the IDZ-III engine, which has a proven track record in the 1- to 3-ton lift truck lineup. While maintaining high reliability, the engine is controlled not to use the overload range as much as possible, curbing smoke generation and thus featuring excellent environmental performance.

Lower Noise Levels

The hybrid system achieves a smaller engine displacement volume while optimizing engine rotation depending on driving or loading/unloading operations. This makes it possible not to raise engine rotation unnecessarily, thereby reducing noise.