Unit Type Aotomated Stocker System for Pallet

Energy Saving Operation has been Achieved due to the Installation of Regenerative Units and Efficient Movement

In the case where the traveling motion takes longer time, the hoisting acceleration will be controlled then both motion will be completed almost at the same time. The useless quick motion of the hoisting is eliminated without delaying the machine cycle-time.
The application of both the above acceleration control and the optional regenerating unit realizes further energy saving performance.
(The amount of the energy saving varies due to the model, the height, the length, and the speed of the stocker.)

The Reduction of Noise

The noise during traveling motion has been reduced by improving the drive control method and the structure of the axle.
Sound absorbing brake has been adopted for the fork unit and the unpleasant operating noise has been eliminated.

Preventative Maintenance has been Improved due to the Display Function for Periodrc Replacement Parts

The operation panel of new Rack Sorter P retains the information of lifetime, operation record, and maintenance record of parts. So that it has a function of displaying the part-replacement warning, when it is time for parts to be replaced.
This contributes to the proper and timely preventative maintenance, steady operation of the stocker system.
The new Rack Sorter P can be used for a long time at ease.