DC-DC Converter for Electric Power Steering

DC-DC Converter for Electric Power Steering (Equipped on the Lexus LS600h)

The DC-DC Converter for the Electric Power Steering (EPS) takes the high voltage of the hybrid vehicle and converts it down to a lower voltage for use by the electric power steering system. The change to an electric powered system from a hydraulic system has contributed to the improvement of the vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

The Increase in the Converter’s Size has been Minimized and High Power Output Achieved

An increase in the size of the converter itself has been minimized due to a major review of its electronic parts and other innovations, such as using CAE (a computer-aided design support system) to optimize the shape of its heat dissipation structure. At the same time high power output was achieved and its power output density (the value obtained by dividing the rated power output by the product’s cubic volume) was also increased greatly.

A Major Reduction of Substances that Burden the Environment

The amount of lead contained in the product has been greatly reduced.
Lead-free solder is also used in the product’s printed circuit boards.