Electric Lift Truck (GENEO 8FBE10 to 8FBE20)

Compact Electric Lift Truck "GENEO-Ecore" 1.0 to 2.0 ton (8FBE10 to 8FBE20)

Adopted by right and left drive motors of front wheels, "GENEO-Ecore", center-steering electric counterbalanced lift truck, has had high power, equivalent to four-wheel counterbalanced lift trucks, and had turning radius as small as reach trucks. GENEO-Ecore contributes high-efficient material handling operations from indoor warehouses to outdoor shipments and deliveries.

Realization of longer operation time

Adopted by the new high-efficient motor and motor driver while running and lifting, GENEO-Ecore enables you to reduce the energy loss. Moreover, it has had the high-efficient improvement of the hydraulic system, and achieved significant longer run time than that of our conventional product.

Contribution to long life

•Weight bottom stretched forward

The GENEO-Ecore constitutes the weight bottom where it is easier to damage, and the weight bottom has stretched forward. By doing so, it can protect the upper cover, and reduce collision damage, compared to our conventional product. As a result, it will contribute to the long life of the machine.

•Battery protection

The GENEO-Ecore has been newly equipped with the function of protecting battery damage. It detects the battery fluid volume and the fluid temperature in the sensor, and it enables you to limit the warning notification and vehicle performance, if necessary. As a result, it will contribute to the long life of the battery.

•Battery data log function

GENEO-Ecore has been newly equipped with battery data log function that records the operation-charging information on the battery. With this information, it has monitored your usage and so on. It enables you to take advantage of operation reviews, forklift specification proposals, and support services. As a result, it will contribute to the long life of the battery.