Textile Machinery (JAT810)

Air Jet Loom JAT810

Air jet looms insert the weft yarn using air, and they enable high speed operation. The JAT 810 is the successor to the JAT710 which was the bestseller loom, and it has been comprehensively designed for greater energy savings, higher productivity and improved ease of use.

Reduction of power consumption

●Reduction of air consumption

In air jet looms, a jet of air from the main nozzle、tandem nozzle、and sub nozzle is used to insert the weft yarn, and the weft yarn is inserted. The JAT810 realized the reduction of air pressure by Air-Saving Reed, Multi-Tandem Nozzle, and High Efficiency Sub Nozzle. And it reduced air consumption about 20% compared with our conventional product. As a result, the JAT810 reduces power consumption by about 10%.

[1] Optimization of the Air-Saving Reed cross-section

The JAT810 reduced air pressure by increasing the fastest currents of air.

[2] Optimization of the Sub Nozzle hole shape

The JAT810 always injects in the best position of a lead by optimization of the Sub Nozzle hole shape.