Engine Powered Lift Truck

Engine Powered Lift Truck (8FD15 to 8FD80, 8FG35 to 8FG50)

The GENEO reduced environmental impact and realized improvement of ensuring safety of the operator and operability. The GENEO pursues higher lift truck performance and higher function to meet the needs of the customer.

Reduction of the fuel consumption with new engines

The GENEO reduced the fuel consumption by newly equipped new engines, our Environmentally Friendly Products "1ZS", "1KD", and "1FS". The GENEO with diesel engine models feature minimized the generation of PM*1 (about 90% lower than our conventional product) without DPF*2 by equipped "1ZS" and "1KD."

*1 Particulate Matter
*2 Diesel particulate filter


New technology and equipment for reducing environmental impact

•Load-Sensing Power Steering (LSPS)
By adjusting the amount of power-steering fluid according to the load burden on the rear axle, reducing energy loss and helping to enhance fuel economy.

•High Efficiency Torque Converter

The GENEO reduced fuel consumption by optimization of the torque converter efficiency. (more than 3.5ton)


This restricts acceleration for traveling and load handling. And this further helping to improve fuel efficiency. (OPT)

●LED Headlight, LED Rear Working Light

These LED lights are power-saving and long-life. (OPT)