Industrial Engine(1ZS)

1ZS Diesel Engine

Cylinder Arrangement Inline type 3-Cylinder
Total Displacement 1,795cc
Max. Output kW/rpm 41.1kW(2,200rpm)
Max. Torque Nm/rpm 200Nm(1,600rpm)
Dry Weight 158kg

We developed our first 3-cylinders industrial diesel engine to offer reduced exhaust emissions, reduction of the fuel consumption efficiency, and downsizing & lightening.

Downsizing & lightening, and reduction of the fuel consumption

We reduced the number of cylinders to 3 from 4, and optimized an injection nozzle and a combustion chamber shape. As a result, the 1ZS realized downsizing & lightening, and reduction of the fuel consumption, keeping almost same output.

New technology for reducing environmental impact

•Restraint of weight and the vibration
Usually, 3-cylinder engines have 6 counterweights, but the 1ZS has 4 counterweights to realize lightweighting. Generally, when the engine reduces the number of the weight, vibration increases, but the 1ZS instals balance weights to the crankshaft pulley, and the flywheel. As a result, it suppresses vibration like a 4-cylinder engine.

•Reduction of the friction in valves
The 1ZS changed the drive system of the valves into "Roller Rocker Arm" from direct type. As a result, it came true compact and reduction of the fuel consumption by reduction of the friction in valves. And it adopted the "Hydraulic Lush Adjuster" which adjusts valve-clearance with oil pressure automatically, and attained maintenance-free.

•Electronically controlled variable-nozzle turbocharger of the world's smallest class*2 and DPF-less engine system*3
The 1ZS adopted the exclusive turbocharger, and it achieved dramatic improvement in clean combustion by Injection nozzle and a newly designed combustion chamber. These features minimize the generation of PM*4 and eliminate the need for a DPF, while enabling the engine to meet exhaust emissions regulations in countries around the world*5 and improving the fuel consumption.

*2 Based on our reseach
*3 Disel particulate filter
*4 Particulate Matter
*5 Emission level
 (1) North America : EPATier 4 Final compliant
 (2) EU : Non road Stage IIIB compliant
 (3) JPN : Non-road Special Mortor Vehicles emission regulasion(Amendmet:2013/03)