Industrial Engine(1KD・1FS)

Toyota 1KD Diesel Engine

Cylinder Arrangement Inline type 4-Cylinder
Total Displacement 2,982cc
Max. Output kW/rpm 55kW(2,200rpm)
Max. Torque Nm/rpm 300Nm(1,200-1,500rpm)
Dry Weight 218kg

Toyota 1FS Gas/Gasoline Engine

Cylinder Arrangement Inline type 4-Cylinder
Total Displacement 3,685cc
Max. Output kW/rpm(Gasoline) 69kW(2,550rpm)
(Gas) 66kW(2,550rpm)
Max. Torque Nm/rpm(Gasoline) 276Nm(1,600rpm)
(Gas) 290Nm(1,200-1,400rpm)
Dry Weight 185kg

Toyota Industrial Engines are superior in total balance such as power, reliability and environmental performance. We develop these for industrial equipment, not only for Toyota forklift trucks, but also for construction machines, agricultural machines and generators.

Lightweighting, reduction of the fuel consumption

The Toyota 1KD and 1FS realized lightweighting and reduction of the fuel consumption by performing improvement of the combustion efficiency or downsizing with smaller displacement keeping same performance.

World's smallest*2 class electronically controlled variable nozzle turbocharger, and DPF*3-less Engine System (Toyota 1KD)

The Toyota 1KD improved combustion efficiency by new-developed turbocharger and by optimization of an injection nozzle and a combustion chamber shape. These features minimized the generation of PM*4(about 90% lower than our conventional product) without DPF, and have been satisfied with the emission gas regulations of countries.*5 And also, these features offered higher fuel efficiency, because they prevented a decline in fuel consumption during re-generation of accumulated ash in DPF.

New-developed electronically controlled
variable nozzle turbocharger

*2 Based on our companie's research
*3 Diesel particulate filter
*4 Particulate Matter
*5 Emission level
 (1)North America : EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) Tier 4 Final compliant
 (2) EU : Non road Stage IIIB compliant
 (3)JPN : Non-road Special Motor Vehicles emission regulation Amendmet:2013/03)

Optimization of a spark plug position and a combustion chamber shape (Toyota 1FS)

An engine approaches such ideal combustion that there is generally a spark plug at the center of a combustion chamber. The Toyota 1FS realized form of the combustion chamber where the spark plug was brought close to the center of a combustion chamber as much as possible.

It has realized control of a knock,*6 and the improvement in an output and reduction of fuel consumption because the combustion chamber shape obtains the optimal combustion.
*6 Abnormal combustion to be generated by self-firing of the air-fuel mixture